DEEPTHROAT STORY: Cindy's deep throat

I was 15 and my boyfriend John and I were able to get fake i.d.thru the mail.The first adult movie we saw was DEEPTHROAT and from that moment on all he could think about was getting all of his 11.5 inches(He could only get about 8 inches in my pussy and less in my ass)down my throat!I loved to suck cock and sucked him off just about every day for the last 3 years , even swallowing his cum when he didnt plaster my face with it.(More than peter north).But the idea just didnt seem possible,it was so big with a large mushroom head.But As time went on over the next few months and another 12 viewings of DEEPTHROAT,it did seem possible.In fact All I could think about was getting his huge dick down my throat till his pubic hair was smashed in my face.I wanted to give him the pleasure of having his entire penis inside of me!Well it was decided that me and my family would be moving 22 hours away,this was the time and nothing was going to stop me!My girlfriend was able to have a party for me and with her parents out of town this would be a great chance.8 girls and 12 boys were there.All the girls knew about our deepthroat dream and after a few stiff shots of booze a couple of the girls demanded I do it.The two girls wanted to see me do it and right now.Calling my boyfriend the 4 of us went into the kitchen."John take your clothes off and get on the table"my girlfriend orderd.John was frozen and didnt say a word."she wants to deepthroat you now,get on the table".With that John took off his shirt and then slowly took off his pants.The waistband of his underpants was 4 inches from is waist and his raging hard on was fighting to get out!Off came the underpants and out sprang his giant cock.The girls were speechless with eyes wide open never leaving his cock!John went on top of the table on his back.I went on top of him on my hands and knees looking right down at his massive tool,I wanted it so bad .After a minute or so I began sucking him.It didnt take long before the whole party was there looking at us in a half circle.By this time I didnt care,I was moving any ways and sooo horny. All I cared about was getting his horse cock all the way in my throat!Finaly I found the courage to try to get his big mushroomed head in my throat and with one smooth downstroke I took him all in my throat buried to his balls!aaaaahhhhhhh John yelled!I couldnt believe how easy it was,not that it was easy but I didnt gag at all!The room was silent.I slowly came back up keeping his cock in my mouth then I went down again,with his entire shaft.aaaahhhhhhhh John yelled again!I slowly built up speed "faster"the crowd yelled "fuck him with your mouth"my girlfriend demanded.Faster and faster I went,after around a hundred stokes I could sense him beginning to cum.His hips began to buck.Tears were coming down my face but I couldnt stop now."I am cumming","dont stop","dont stop".Sperm shot out of my mouth and nose in streams as I continued up and down grinding his cum into my face and his pubic hair.7 more strokes and I was out of breath and gasping for air!Wow I did it and loved it!!!Everyone cheered as I sucked all the sperm off his hair around the base of his cock.My face was red as a apple but I felt great.Now we went back into the living room for a couple of more drinks ,the boys couldnt keep there eyes off of me.Every guy had a big smile and a bulging erection and I still wanted cock down my throat.So I went to John while he was standing up dropped to my hands and knees and looked up to him and begged "please fuck my mouth".More cheers,"fuck her mouth","she wants it".John went to his knees and whiped out his cock and took no time carefully jamming it all the way down my throat.He set the pace with his hands grabbing my hair to balance himself.More tears rolled down my cheeks as his large mushroomed head forced its way all down my throat as he slammed his stomach into my face and his big balls slapping into my chin but I loved it.He started to cum and held my head firmly into his stomach.I could feel the streams of cum shoot out of his cock Then without warning I started to gag.I held it there as long as I could, and finally he released me and his long penis popped out of my throat.Looking at his 8 inch semi hard cock I found it hard to believe were it was.I began throwing up. but I loved the feeling of cock down my throat and had to have more!John went to clean himself off.I wanted more cock and the boys wanted my mouth so I went up to each boy stroking the bulge in there pants saying"I need more to drink put in some money and Ill get John to go".John left and I was going to give those sweet boys what I wanted and they wanted.Later I found out some of the girls didnt like the idea but gave in after someone came up with the idea of letting there boyfriends stick there cocks in there girlfriends assholes then right into my mouth.Now that I think of it I would not have cared anyway I would have done anything I was so excited and horny and I dont remember minding the taste! One by one I let them fuck my mouth,"cum in my mouth I want to taste your cum(most did) ,all the time on my hands and knees!As soon as the first was done fucking my mouth my pants where pulled down and I had cock in my pussy or ass the rest of the time. 20 min. is all it took to give 12 deepthroat fucks!And Iam sure a few of them came twice.there were some big ones there but I only gagged a couple times ,it felt so normal to have cock thrusting in and out of my throat and my throat didnt even seem to be sore after all those dicks.John came back and the girls demanded that he fuck my mouth right.That I should lie on my back on the floor with a pillow under my head and John on top.After a couple drinks and a lot of yelling and cheering two pillows were brought out to the middle of the room.John had his pants off and was rock hard.I got on my back and tried to adjust myself.Looking up to his cock it seemed so huge swaying left to right.I was beginning to think this was a bad idea but words came out of my mouth without thinking "start slow","fuck my mouth","fuck it now please".Slowly and carefully he put his cock in my mouth as I put my hands on his ass to encourage him.Deeper and deeper and deeper untill he was all inside me with his balls almost covering my entire face and his asshole staring right into my eyes!Slowly his tempo increased faster and faster.His balls slapping my face harder and harder.His sweat dripping down all over my face and hair and in my eyes.It seemed like forever then finaly "aaaaahhhhh Iam cumming" with 10 sharp thrusts he was done with his orgasim!After that we both fell asleep.The next day I woke up on the floor with is cock right on my face.My throat was numb and sore but now I also had a strange sensation in my mouth.Everyone was up and gave me big smiles when I talked and smiled back to them.I asked what was so funny,"she still has them in her mouth" a girl said."All nite long" said another. I went to the bathroom as everyone followed me and was shocked to see pubic hair all over my face and even more shocked when I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.Hundreds of different colored pubic hair where on my tongue, down my throat and in between all my teeth!When I saw that I got so horny I took out what hair I could and sucked off the 12 guys(no deepthroat I was to sore and I love the taste of cum and I wanted to taste their sperm)!Then they took turns fucking me.After that I soon broke up with John(He found out everything but we stayed friends)A few months and a couple thousand blow jobs later I moved away.Never saw John or anyone again.Two years later I married and now I have 6 kids.In case your wondering "10 inches"